Thoughts on N. Carolina 97 – 69 UNCW

This will be an abbreviated version compared to normal. This game provided not much to specifically reference, and I don’t want to write a fluffy article.

  1. The Tar Heels needed a win to get back on track, but despite a 28 point victory, there is still plenty of areas to review and get better.
  2. The first half wasn’t very good. One can’t get lost in seeing the score as a placeholder for how good or bad the Tar Heels actually played. As was possibly evident in Coach Williams keeping the Tar Heels in the locker room for nearly for the whole 15 minute halftime period, there was a lot to improve on. Helpside rotations weren’t clicking, there were so many easy baskets given up (especially recovering from the traps) and there were a few lapses getting matched up in transition that also gave up easy looks.
  3. The second half looked more like the Tar Heels have looked when they’ve played well this year. Lots of trapping defense forced turnovers and easy transition buckets, and the ball movement on offense was much better. Defensively the effort was more consistent, and the attention to detail that is required to play good defense at the college level was there.

As mentioned, there are lots of places for Carolina to improve over the next week and a half until they host the #1 ranked Gonzaga in Chapel Hill. The reason for the long gap, for those who don’t know, is the student body begins exams tomorrow. Practices are generally abbreviated during this period, and a guy might have to come late or leave early if he has an exam. A practice might only be a quick lift and an hour of running and shooting, or a large film session with some running and shooting, but the time is given for the players to prepare for their exams.


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